Rupture of the Virtual

Book Release! Rupture of the Virtual is an examination of a concept of the material and the invaluable resources it offers for critical thinking today. In a multifaceted analysis, the book considers the theoretical reasons for the material’s exclusion from media theory and details the military origins of computing interface technologies, such as the Head-up


(Written as an introduction to the Anthropocene Film Residency. Read more about the project on the Anthropocene Curriculum website.) 1 Looking down on St. Anthony Falls from the walls of the lock and dam infrastructure, one can marvel at this feat of technical engineering. The river runs over an artificial concrete platform creating the Falls.

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MARCH 22-23, 2018 WHAT CAN A CITY BE? A MUNICIPALIST GATHERING Since the 2016 presidential elections, the Twin Cities based “City as Commons” group has been meeting to discuss, learn and find out more about municipalism, a form of political organization gaining popularity around the world, based on assemblies of neighborhoods, practicing direct democracy, as

Nam June Paik book project (draft description)

Ai Weiwei, With Wind (2015) What are we to make of the Orientalist motifs in recent high profile global art? Among examples to list here are Zhang Xiaogang’s monochromatic family portraits seemingly set during the Cultural Revolution, Ai Weiwei’s paper dragon for Alcatraz, and Cai Guo-Qiang’s references to historical figures from first millenia China. These

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