Rupture of the Virtual


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Rupture of the Virtual is an examination of a concept of the material and the invaluable resources it offers for critical thinking today. In a multifaceted analysis, the book considers the theoretical reasons for the material’s exclusion from media theory and details the military origins of computing interface technologies, such as the Head-up Display and Augmented Reality, that enhance knowledge over the material. Rupture of the Virtual insists that a renewal of the material can be central to a critique of the virtual as a cultural condition.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 A New Materialism for New Media Studies 19
3 The Origin of the See-Through Graphical Interface 43
4 Encounters with the Material: Krzysztof Wodiczko and Site-Specific Media Art 69
5 Materiality in Site Responsive Media Art 95
6 Rupture of the Virtual 121
7 Conclusion 145
Notes 153
Index 167

Keywords: new media theory, augmented reality, head-up display, virtual reality, mixed reality, military, computing history, military history, graphical user interface, GUI, see-through graphical interface, stgi, art, aesthetic, critical theory, gyro gunsight, site specific, site responsive
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