Mississippi Studies

We propose an ACM Planning Meeting on Mississippi Studies to build faculty interest and develop infrastructure on Mississippi Studies, a new research initiative to encourage intercollegiate collaboration on publicly engaged projects that center on the Mississippi River watershed and its inhabitants. The goal of Mississippi Studies is to re-imagine the river and its tributaries as

MARCH 22-23, 2018 WHAT CAN A CITY BE? A MUNICIPALIST GATHERING Since the 2016 presidential elections, the Twin Cities based “City as Commons” group has been meeting to discuss, learn and find out more about municipalism, a form of political organization gaining popularity around the world, based on assemblies of neighborhoods, practicing direct democracy, as

Language Tribe

Four Movements: The Language Tribe (new film project) This short film is the first in a series of four and focuses on the ways in which humans are themselves alien, supernatural and fantastical. The subjects of the films are four human capacities: language, technology, rationality, and the aesthetic. This first film imagines the invention of