We have left the land and have embarked. We have burned our bridges behind us—indeed, we have gone farther and destroyed the land behind us. Now, little ship, look out! Beside you is the ocean: to be sure, it does not always roar, and at times it lies spread out like silk and gold and reveries of graciousness. But hours will come when you will realize that it is infinite and that there is nothing more awesome than infinity. Oh, the poor bird that felt free and now strikes the walls of this cage! Woe, when you feel homesick for the land as if it had offered more freedom—and there is no longer any ‘land.’

Nietzsche, The Gay Science

Uneasy Dreams of Civilization

Uneasy Dreams of Civilization, a sculpture in three parts, is a reflection on pirate utopias.  Three model boats – each named after island utopias, Libertatia, Utopia, and Mallard Island – communicate with each other across the gallery space via light and constitute nodes in an autonomous network.  Together, the ships are a romantic dream of

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KOLMAN & PRYOR GALLERY Upcoming exhibition at Kolman & Pryor with the Guess Ready Review. Guess Ready Review FEBRUARY 23 – APRIL 12, 2014 Last summer, 9 artists, musicians and writers, ventured to Mallard Island near Rainy Lake, Minnesota for a week-long residency. Guess Ready Review is an exhibition of new work, inspired by the

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