Sarah Kanouse and Ryan Griffis with contributions from Rozalinda Borcilă, Dylan A.T. Miner, Heather Parrish, and Corinne Teed, Over the Levee, Under the Plow: an experiential curriculum

(Showing at the M, as part of the companion Many Waters: A Minnesota Biennial exhibition.)

How is the planetary ecological crisis experienced differently, in particular eco-social locations, by distinctly situated bodies? As settlers to the lands where we live and work in North America, how can we come to sense the harms of settler colonialism, supportively engage the forms of resistance and resilience that persist, and remake relations in the pursuit of environmental and social justice? Over the Levee, Under the Plow: An Experiential Curriculum attempts to translate our experiences of perceiving the ecological crisis in the US Upper-Midwest (as one of harmful relations between human and other-than-human communities) into a useful tool for other locations and contexts.

Coordinated by Ryan Griffis and Sarah Kanouse with contributions by Rozalinda Borcilă, Nicholas Brown, Ryan Griffis, Sarah Kanouse, Jon Lund, Dylan A.T. Miner, Heather Parrish, and Corinne Teed