The Shape of a Practice


2020, Oct 26, Mon — 2020, Nov 30, Mon

I was involved in organizing elements of this seminar, including an exhibition based around our work on and about the Mississippi River, entitled The Current.

The Anthropocene is often perceived as either a planetary-scale
concept or an extremely local concern. Yet neither of these accounts
considers that the global and the local are deeply interconnected. So
how can diverse local research, struggles and practices be related to
one another in order to establish a mutual ground of experience and for
action within the geological age of humans?

Over the course of a week, The Shape of a Practice
brings together over 100 researchers, scientists, artists and activists
to share their fields and methods of work on everything from water
pollution and disaster management to an interrogation of the new
geological era’s colonial histories. In an interactive virtual
environment, specifically designed for the event, as well as on-site at
HKW, distinct questions, strategies and forms of action will be linked
to form a topology of the Anthropocene.

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