Mississippi. An Anthropocene River explores the vast but patchy area
of the Mississippi in its changing spatio-temporal formations. Its aim
is to open up this landscape to a larger public and make it legible as a critical zone of habitation and long-term interaction between humans and the environment.

Mississippi Studies at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) I traveled to Decorah, Iowa on September 14–16, 2018 for the first Associated Colleges of the Midwest meeting on Mississippi Studies. There was lots of enthusiasm for launching an ongoing research and educational initiative that connects colleges and universities to institutions, museums and activists along the banks of

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Mississippi Studies

We propose an ACM Planning Meeting on Mississippi Studies to build faculty interest and develop infrastructure on Mississippi Studies, a new research initiative to encourage intercollegiate collaboration on publicly engaged projects that center on the Mississippi River watershed and its inhabitants. The goal of Mississippi Studies is to re-imagine the river and its tributaries as

The Mississippi River cuts through regions that define Americans today: North and South, urban and rural, Red and Blue. These categories have divided us and are the source of ongoing antagonism and conflict. In order to heal these divisions we must think and work across cultural, municipal and regional boundaries, developing ideas that connect us